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Be Informed - Attend the monthly TRE GID Regular Board Meetings.

A copy of past Meeting Minutes and/or Agendas can be printed from this site directly or obtained at the TRE GID office during regular office hours.

Want to be heard? Have a topic that you want on the Monthly Board Meeting Agenda? You need to fill out an Agenda Request Form and return the form to the TRE GID office on or before the preceding week Monday 3:30 (See Calendar for exact dates).

April 2019 Agenda April 2019 Minutes
April 1, 2019 Budget Workshop No Minutes
March 20, 2019 Special Agenda March 20, 2019 SP Minutes
March 2019 Agenda March 2019 Minutes
February 2019 Agenda February 2019 Minutes
January 2019 Agenda January 2019 Minutes
December 2018 Agenda December 2018 Minutes
November 2018 Agenda November 2018 Minutes
October 2018 Agenda October 2018 Minutes
September 2018 Agenda September 2018 Minutes
August 2018 Agenda August 2018 Minutes
July 2018 Agenda July 2018 Minutes
June 2018 Agenda June 2018 Minutes
May 2018 Agenda May 2018 Minutes
April 2018 Agenda April 2018 Minutes
April 2018 Budget Workshop Agenda NO Minutes
March 2018 Agenda March 2018 Minutes
February 2018 Agenda February 2018 Minutes
January 2018 Agenda January 2018 Minutes
December 2017 Agenda December 2017 Minutes
Historical Meeting Minutes and Agendas  

Board Meetings

Regular Board Meetings are traditionally held the Second Wednesday of each month, 7:00 p.m. at the TRE Community Center, 3939 Carter Drive. From time to time calendar dates may have to be changed. Stay informed. Know when the next TRE GID Board Meeting is.

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